High Hardness Film & Material Solution

We will leap forward as a global company through constant change and innovation.

The center of the electronic material industry

We develop into a top-notch company through continuous change and growth.

Accurately Understands Consumer Needs

We provide customer satisfaction services based on technology and experience.

We will provide value that exceeds customer expectations.


    Global company that specializes in protecting customer value and environment in electronic material industry and environment-friendly material industry.


    By challenging the limits of product and technolgies through never-ending change by creative technologies.


    We will become a top-notch company that realizes customer satisfaction based on accumulated technology and creativity.

R&D Development Division

We have secured various technologies, and we are applying them to various materials development through continuous research and development.

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Film Manufacturing Division

We develop products and solutions optimized for customer needs through advanced R&D processes, endless challenges for high-functional materials, and speedy development, centered on a technology research center with unrivaled technology.

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Film Processing Division

We use not only the best technology but also a variety of processing equipment professionally to produce products suitable for the user's environment.

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We will become a top-notch company that realizes customer satisfaction.

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16, Ssangsongbuk-ro 27beon-gil, Mado-myeon,
Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

TEL : +82-31-356-2768
FAX : +82-31-356-2769
E-MAIL : statec@statec.kr